About Fortum Fiber

Fortum Fiber is a subsidiary of Fortum Oslo Varme. We use Fortum’s district heating infrastructure to ensure fast, robust and cost-effective deployment of a next generation fiberoptic network in Oslo.

Fortum Oslo Varme is 50/50 owned by the Municipality of Oslo and Fortum. As an entity of Fortum Group we are a part of an international energy corporation with more than 9000 employees in ten countries.

We deliver dark fiber the way it should be. Get in touch to hear more about how we can find solutions to your need of dark fiber in Oslo and Norway: email us at kontakt@fortumfiber.no and you will hear back from us soon!

Visitor's address:
Askekroken 11, 0277 Oslo

Postal address:
Postboks 184 Skøyen, 0212 Oslo


+ 47 22 43 59 80

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