Blix Solutions teams up with Fortum Fiber

Blix Solutions and Fortum Fiber has teamed up in a new, green cooperation. The new deal means Blix will connect their POP's (Point of Presence) to Fortum Fiber's dark fiber network in Oslo.

The partnership also includes Blix' newly established data center in Jerikoveien, Oslo. As an ISP, Blix Solutions can now deliver 100 Gbps from the data center through dark fiber from Fortum Fiber. Today, the company offers data center services and internet access to companies which demands the best with security, up-time and performance in focus.
Blix now offers data center services and internet access to companies with high demands to security, up-time and performance.
– Fortum Fiber is a perfect match for Blix. We both focus on quality, securing the best possible service performance, and a safe and sound delivery to the client, says Eirik Blix, CEO of Blix Solutions.

High performance and green footprint

Blix chose Fortum Fiber due to its green and more secure services. Fortum has access to its own heating infrastructure with considerable coverage through Oslo, which means less need for construction work and affecting the environment. Additionally, Fortum Fiber is continuously expanding their premium, made-for-future fiber network.

CSO in Fortum Fiber, Mark Boje Jensen, explains why the agreement with Blix Solutions also contributes to a greener Oslo in the short-term picture. Energy and heat from Blix Solutions' data center, will be re-used were needed in the Fortum network: – Fortums´s heating infrastructure of through 600 kilometers in the Oslo area, is a fantastic tool to move energy from someone with surplus of energy to other places in demand of energy. By re-using the heat from the data center, we increase the percentage of green energy produced from Fortum additionally, and strenghten the circular energy system, Boje Jensen said.
Fortum Oslo Varme, a separate part of the Fortum organization, has recently signed similar agreements to strenghten the green shift which all of Fortum is focusing on.

Full transparency

Fortum Fiber is one of few market players that can provide many of the shortest fiber streches fra a-b with without joints and patches. In particular will this be useful for customers and partners demanding as low fiber dB loss as possible. Fortum Fiber's heating infrastructure and physical web is deployed further down in the ground than ordinary fibre cables, and are therefore more secure and protected.

Fortum focus on making sure products and services are facilitated in the best possible manner for those in need of access to dark fiber in the Norwegian capital. Amongst others, the quality is proved by with full transparency for the clients, via a new tailormade information systems, with real time display of prices, routes, fiber cables, and more.

About Blix Solutions: Blix Solutions provides co-location services in multiple data centers in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam and New York. Co-location, also known as server housing is a service which lets you put your own servers, switches and routers in Blix' secure data-center facilities. The company sell racks, remote hands and housing in our own suite or shared rack facilities in other data centers.
Blix Solutions have been providing professional co-location services since 2008 and this is still Blix' core business.

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