Sognenett and Fortum Fiber teams up on dark fiber

Broadband-company Sognenett, based in Sogndal, Norway, has entered into a partnership with Fortum Fiber.

The deal gives Sognenett access to Fortum Fiber's new dark fiber network in Oslo. The fiber connects Sognenett's infrastructure with safe solutions for data centers and clients locally in Sogn, as well as nationwide in Norway.

The first deliveries to Sognenett has been completed according to the specs from Sognenett. General Manager at Sognenett, Ole Petter Hatlevold (pictured above, right) is pleased with the deal and states: – Sognenett is very plesed with the solutions Fortum Fiber has provided for us. The dialogue has been good and clear from day one, and challenges we have come across has been sorted fantastically.

Fortum Fiber CEO, Ole Edvard Pedersen, (pictured left, above) is happy to welcome Sognenett to the partnership. – For a while now, there has been a lack of available dark fiber in Oslo. That is why we have taken upon us the task of building a network that lives up to the demands we see in 2021, Pedersen explains. The fact that Sognenett has chosen Fortum Fiber as a partner, shows that Fortum Fiber is on the right track, Pedersen believes. He is certain that other regional and local operators will do as Sognenett in the future.

Fortum Fiber, owned by energy company Fortum and Oslo Municipality, build dark fiber-networks in the excisting network that Fortum has in the Oslo-region. The network is placed deeper into the ground than the traditional telecom-network, has high up-time and matches the highest demands for security. Fortum Fiber are dedicated to make sure their services are as available and shaped for those in need of dark fiber in the norwegian capital. This is being proved by full transparency for the clients through new custom-made information systems, with real-time documentation of routes, fiber cabels, etc.

About Sognenett: Sognenett AS was founded in 2007 and the company is owned by local energy companies in Sogn, Norway. Sognenett are today the largest provider of fiber in the Sogn region. They deliver communication services to both private customers, the public sector, operators and companies. Nationwide, the company also deliveres some carrier services as well as access services for certain clients. They are a Telia partner as the deliver TV-services for them.

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