What sets us apart?

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. As dedicated dark fiber provider we think differently from traditional telcos. Our business philosophy underpins our market approach and how we help our customers to succeed.
Classic telecom Fortum Fiber
Market and customer "Our business model is based managed capacity services. If we offer you dark fiber at all, we will make sure pricing will be based on our core business strategy; to maximize our retail datacom market shares. We are your partner when it suits us. We tailormake only for key accounts, smaller businesses will be issued to the assembly line" "We are a true wholeseller who will never compete with our customers on their core business. We are fundamentally aligned with our wholesale customers; when they succeed, we succeed. We can and will tailormake dark fiber solutions for everyone. We love all and serve all."
Network "Our physical network is constructed to function as a communication network for our own active network equipment. The foundation is decades of management of old networks, mergers, carv-outs and legacy systems" "Our state-of-the-art dark fiber network is carefully designed and deployed with one single purpose: to make premium quality fiber available for our customers wherever they need it"
Complexity "Complexity is inevitable in legacy-based datacom networks. Our multifarious systems are here to keep complexity at bay" "Simplicity is the essence of what we do; we deliver you a physical line from A to B and give you freedom to have complete and total end-to-end control for everything transported on this line"