Our vision is "FIBER TO ALL"

The digital transformation of society is happening at the speed of light. More and more people, organizations and objects are connected to a world-wide digital network that connects everyone and everything. Without robust fiber infrastructure to transport the vast amounts of data created, digitalization will slow down and digital divide will emerge. Fortum Fiber uses it’s unique position to contribute to fiber connectivity for all through Fortum Corporation’s infrastructure, business model based on circular economy and vision for an active contribution to a cleaner world.

We are dedicated to build and make available fiber infrastructure, and give our customers total end-to-end control on everything they transport over this infrastructure. Since we do not provide any hosting, managed capacity services or content of any kind, we will never end up competing with our customers on their core business.

Telenor is the first incumbent in the world to commit to a date for shut-down of their copper network. The entire copper network in Norway will be terminated and removed in 2022. This means that a substantial number of new fiber accesses to residential and business customers must be deployed by the time the copper network is shut down. Fortum Fiber is perfectly positioned to take a leading role as fiber provider to Oslo’s IT- and telecommunications ecosystem when the copper network is removed.